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Month 1

Is it mine? / Empath to Healer / Testing (I)

We begin by asking the most important question, "is it mine?" Then we learn ways of kinesthetic testing to get our answers.

Month 2

Testing (I) / Exercises Allow/Release

In this month we continue working with kinesthetic testing, we learn what's actually happening when you feel discomfort, and we delve into three different exercises to help release that discomfort.

Month 3

Different Empaths

There are different ways we feel our gifts and different subjects we pick up on. Knowing more about this helps us understand and feel better in life.

Month 4

Call to Action / Other Gifts

When we work intensely with one gift, like being an empath, often other gifts open or demand our attention. (Like being clairvoyant or psychic, for example.)  In this month we play with and explore these other gifts.

Month 5

Fear and Empathic illness

Fear will stop us from doing most things in life, as well as being our best, most talented gifted selves. In this month we explore and release fear, and better understand how we can reverse illness caused by being an empath.

Month 6

Connect with Your Guides I

There are few things more important for an empath than understanding you have Divine Guides that are here to help you with your gifts. In this month we explore who your Guides are and how they are helping you.

Month 7

Connect with Your Guides II

Because this is such a complex topic, it takes longer than just one month to fully grasp. We stretch this topic into two months. This gives you practice and invites deeper connection between you and your Guides.

Month 8

Empath to Healer I

The gift of being empathic comes with at least one healing ability. Knowing what yours is can literally change your life. We begin to explore your healing abilities in this month.

Month 9

Empath to Healer II

In this month we further explore your gifts of healing and put them into practice.

Month 10

Life Lessons

Knowing your life lessons and learning to embrace them can reduce the time you spend in them. This is the month where we explore the patterns of adversity and what to do about them.

Month 11

Testing (II)

With kinesthetic testing comes a special language. In the first month we learn about how to ask "yes" and "no" questions, but in this month, we dive deeper into what other questions we can ask, and testing within a group.

Month 12

The Wrap

In this month, we put all the pieces together and see how they all fit for you.

Beyond the Course

Join the Alumni Group

Stay in the community, review the lessons & join the new group calls as long as you like for a reduced fee.


Stephanie Leach

"I had only just truly realized WHAT an Empath was & that I identified as one ... then  BAM... You invited me into this beautiful world of learning & knowledge of how to navigate, harness & best of all - RELEASE the uncomfortable, negative feelings/pain- emotionally & even physically."

Lise Lemay

"Being a member of a year-long empath’s group has been one of the greatest gifts I have received. There comes understanding, belonging & the acceptance of gifts & who one truly is. I loved, loved, loved the growth, direction & members that your group provided. Have connected with new friends from the Empath course. Overall, it has been one of the best spiritual growth years of my life." 

Teresa Hawkins

"Recommend to anyone!!"

The Healthy Empath

Month 1   Is it mine? / Empath to Healer / Testing (I)
Month 2   Testing (I) / Exercises Allow/Release
Month 3   Different Empaths
Month 4   Call to Action / Other Gifts
Month 5   Fear and Empathic illness
Month 6   Connect with your Guides I
Month 7   Connect with your Guides II
Month 8   Empath to Healer I
Month 9   Empath to Healer II
Month 10 Life Lessons
Month 11 Testing (II)
Month 12 The Wrap
Beyond the Course Stay in the community (The Alumni Group), review the lessons
and join the new group calls as long as you like for a reduced fee.


Thyra Whitford

Thyra is a healer, intuitive counselor, and an international best-selling author.

About Your Instructor:
Thyra Whitford

Thyra is a healer, intuitive counselor, and an international best-selling author.