Thyra Whitford

Are you an empath too? Do you pick up on the uncomfortable sensations of others?

I have spent my life as a strong empath. I’ve felt it all. I’ve tried it all.

The only remedy that I could find were various forms of "protection", so I learned different methods in efforts to not feel everybody’s everything. Each time I would protect, it felt like I lost a part of myself. The protection would eliminate the sensation of feeling others, but also mask my ability to accurately feel my own emotions...  Read More

These methods only lasted so long. When the protection wore off it left me feeling raw to the sensations; still having no coping skills and scrambling like a junkie for the next invisible, unknown fix.

Then I learned to shut the ability down, believing this was my answer to freedom. The subtle side effects left me numb, awkward and clumsy in my interactions with others. I lost my drive because nothing felt important. Nothing seemed to matter. I could feel some things, but my purpose was gone. It was here that I learned true depression. And still, the gift would turn back on.

In 2008, I was Guided by Spirit to embark upon a journey of healing. From there, with Divine assistance, I began to learn the bigger picture of being empathic. I was shown how to tune in, to better understand what I was to do with both the sensations and the people that I was pulling them from.

I learned the gravity of what I have. The gift. The power of it. How I am to help others with it. The way it enhances life, giving me direction and purpose. The super-human abilities. How it is meant to be learned. It is a part of the soul.

In 2018 I was again Guided. This time to grow the business. There are millions of empaths out there. All trying to protect and bubble themselves to oblivion. Each feeling numbed and disjointed with every fresh amulet or protection ritual. Some reaching a fraction of their potential, while others continue to swim in those unwelcome sensations.

I know the answers to this puzzle. It’s so much more than protection, and it’s time for me to share.

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Being an empath can be an amazing gift, but it can also be very confusing. You might be feeling a lot of emotions or anxiety and not really know where it's coming from or what to do about it. Wherever you are in your empathic journey, we're here for you. We've been through struggle, and we've come out the other side. There is hope. This can be a beautiful blessing in your life!

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Books and collaborative works  by Thyra Whitford

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One of a kind, hand crafted etheric healing units are made by Thyra with natural stones & copper wire to bring healing & connection.

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